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After two years of intensive work, we’re pleased to announce that Tenyo-ism will be available for shipping this coming late July/early August. The layout of almost 1,400 pages is complete and we are now in the final round of proofreading, with every detail being checked by Hiroshi Kondo and Tomoyuki Shimomura, both of whom worked in Tenyo’s Creative Division for many decades. 

The books contain an entry on every trick which Tenyo has marketed outside Japan, as well as most of the tricks sold only in Japan, since 1964. 

Pre-Sale Offer Extended to April 30.

Tenyism Slipcase The books are all color and must be printed in China for the best quality. It’s expensive, and as a thank you to those who preorder by April 30 and assist in the task of helping get this book published, you will have a unique opportunity to have your name included on a special page at the back of the book as a thank you for your support in advance of publication. 

$250 (plus shipping)
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The set of books weighs 16 pounds.
For postage please add: U.S. and Canada: $50
Europe and the UK: $65
Asia and Australia: $100

Checks or money orders (in U.S. Dollars only, payable to a U.S. bank) payable to Richard Kaufman. We cannot accept foreign checks that are not payable to a United States bank. Mail to Richard Kaufman, 4200 Wisconsin Ave. NW • Suite 106-292 • Washington, DC 20016. Phone 301-652-5800 • Fax 301-652-8035

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An Exploration into the Magic and Presentation of Michael Skinner in His Own Words

With this special set of 10 CDs, two DVDs, and a bonus Data CD, youíll feel as if heís sitting across from you and revealing his most valuable secrets. On the CDs you will hear audio correspondence sent by Michael to his friend, magician Allen Okawa in Hawaii. Edited from over 30 hours of tape, youíll learn Michael Skinnerís best tricks, patter, presentation, and advice for performers, all in his own words. Heís occasionally joined by Larry Jennings, John Carney, and Roger Klause. Itís 10 master classes from a master magician, and an intimate way to become friends and learn from the best of the best.

$125 postage paid US (+ $20 International delivery)
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Send $125 to moobooks@verizon.net via PayPal with your name and address
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7 Classic Kaufman and Company Books Reprinted

All books are oversized hardcovers, printed on acid-free paper with glossy dustjackets.
We pay your postage in the United States!
(Foreign orders please add $20 per book for postage.)

Mastering the Art of Magic (Eugene Burger) $65
Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Act* (Richard Kaufman) $40
Strange Ceremonies (Eugene Burger) $40
David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic (David Roth) $65
CardMagic (Richard Kaufman) $50
Swami/Mantra (Sam Dalal) $60
The Performance of Close Up Magic (Eugene Burger) $45


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